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This system was developed in 2018 to protect scmcall.com users from telephone frauds. All scmcall.com users are free to use the basic features. Information obtained through voting and comments is shared with other users for information purposes and is listed on the scmcall.com system in order to avoid any fraudulent activities.

Any user can vote or comment on the owner of the phone number you are searching for. The voting and comments will be used to inform other users and competent authorities.

Any user using the scmcall.com system will be deemed to have accepted the user conditions of this system. The votes and comments concern the persons. There is no comment on this system and scmcall.com is not responsible for it.

Due to legal studies and global area code standards, the address and location information obtained does not include the personal address information of the owner of the phone number. The information contained in this system is obtained through votes and comments made by the users of scmcall.com, and is shared with other users and competent authorities for information purposes.

Please Contact Us for any recommedantions and complaints.