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Scammer Calling

How to get rid of scammers

Scammers and fraudsters are everywhere, taking advantage of people's needs and needs for financial security or their desire for wealth. Over the years, many scammers have developed many ways to cheat people of their hard earned money. While some people may testify "voluntarily and unpaid" that the system works, people actually become impoverished as a result. It is not necessary to be a victim of getting rich quick scams before learning the lesson. All you need is an adequate perspective on the subject of financial security, and some ways to get rid of these thieves forever.

There is no such thing as a "get rich quick"

Economics and trade may seem complicated, but in reality they are very simple. Here are four things to remember:

The money has to come from somewhere. Scammers often say that "there is no need to work" to earn money. Even the wealthiest shareholders hold eight-hour jobs to track their investments, and buy and sell shares. To get the money, you have to work.

Investments need time to grow: Some scammers guarantee that you will make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in just one week. All investments need time to mature and grow. There is absolutely no way you can make a million dollars in a week if you invest a single dollar.

Money is not infinite: There is no such thing as "unlimited income", although the scammers woo and lure with the promise of "unlimited opportunities". Even the rich have a ceiling and a limit on how much they earn and do.

Without risk, there is no reward. The only ways to make money with a small investment is to bet on the lottery or a casino. There is no substitute for earning decent, honest money.

Types of scams

There are most of the common scams on the market today:

Multi-level marketing Pyramid schemes, also known as Ponzi schemes, have existed for a long time. There are companies that disapprove of the term "pyramid", and prefer to be called "multilevel marketing company" or "direct sales company". While MLM and direct sales are totally legal, they often sell products at a jack-up price and are almost impossible to sell. The only way you can make money on this scam is when you do it "pairing people", or recruit others into the system. The only money maker in a multi-tiered marketing model is the person at the top of the pyramid; something else is losing.

Elevator schemes: Schemes also called matrix, this scam usually favors expensive gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops as "reward" items. Under an elevator system, you buy a symbolic object at a higher price than it should cost. To get the "reward", you have to be at the top of the list, and you need to hire a certain number of people in the scam. While there is a promise that it will be high on the list, it is most likely so thin that you might as well give up all hope of getting the reward.

Scams by email: Chances are that you get email spam, since you have only won a lottery that does not participate or that your help is needed to channel money from a corrupt country devastated by war. The only thing these thieves need is your bank account number and your credit card number, and you will see all your money goes down the drain.


Some scammers, notably MLM affiliates, can tell you that they're fully legal, and can show you all types of records and documents to prove it. Some even say that if it were a scam, distributors and manufacturers of the leading products would not be in business with him. If you are absolutely sure that the company is legitimate and stable, then it may be fine to invest in it.

Ask the difficult questions

Do not be afraid or shy to ask difficult questions. If the company claims to be a truly multi-million dollar source of revenue, then its most loyal "business partners" should know a thing or two about such basic business concepts as market saturation, distribution channels. The part of the penetration in the market of the market and the supply and demand. Never settle for personal testimonies, parables, or motivational nonsense.

Scammers postpone things and say that this kind of thinking is for the "losers", and that you should sell your car to make an investment in the "business". If you are forced to make difficult decisions, then you have the right to ask the difficult questions. Legitimate companies that are unconditional and cheat other people will be more than willing to welcome and answer your challenging questions. Scammers prevaricate or give a very vague answer to a simple question.

Wealth promises can blind people to thinking that money does not grow on trees. Once you fall into the trap of a swindle to get rich quickly, you can’t easily escape.

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